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The Mala for Joy and Self Confidence, Sunstone, Quartz and Pave' CZ Moon Charm

The Mala for Joy and Self Confidence, Sunstone, Quartz and Pave' CZ Moon Charm

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The Ardachandrasana Mala for Joy and Self-confidence is made with 108 6mm Natural Sunstone Gemstone beads. They have a beautiful iridescence and luminosity to them! These joyful beads are individually knotted by hand for strength and durability. Suspended in the center is a natural clear crystal Quartz Guru and a handmade tassel made of cream colored Japanese silk and pave' Cubic Zirconia Moon charm float gracefully underneath. This beautiful Mala is the perfect gift for a loved one or yourself!

  • 108 hand-knotted 6mm Sunstone Gemstone Beads
  • Natural Clear Crystal Quartz Guru Bead
  • Handmade Japanese Silk cream colored tassel
  • 32inches long with 3.5inch Tassel
  • Pave' Cubic Zirconia Moon Charm

~Sunstone is a powerful gemstone for healing all the chakras! Linked to luck and good fortune, it imparts a sense of joy, balances the nervous system and lifts depression. This is a great Mala for people that suffer from seasonal affective disorder and can reverse feelings of failure increasing self worth and confidence!

~Clear Quartz is considered to be the Master Healer. Similar to both Amethyst, which is also a Quartz, and Rose Quartz, it is associated with The Crown Chakra and Third Eye. Because Clear Crystal Quartz embodies every color of the rainbow, it amplifies the healing powers of other gemstones, affirmations and intentions, making it a great choice for meditation!

All of my pieces are designed and made by hand in my studio!

Have and Idea you'd like to have made? Send me a message, I love making custom Jewelry!

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Care Instructions

To clean your mala beads, simply wipe them with a damp cloth.

Because your new mala is made with precious materials, we do not recommend wearing them during hot yoga, swimming, bathing or showering. We DO recommend placing your mala at the front of your mat during practice as well as using it for meditation. At Lulu Beads studio we believe in timeless jewelry paired with exceptional customer service! With regular wear your mala can become worn and we invite you to send us your mala for a complimentary restringing once a year. Shipping charges apply. Simply send us an email and we will provide instructions. Namaste, Lisa

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