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The Northern Lights Mala, Labradorite, Opalite, Red Jasper and Tibetan Om Guru Bead

The Northern Lights Mala, Labradorite, Opalite, Red Jasper and Tibetan Om Guru Bead

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The Northern Lights Mala gets its name from the beautiful flashes of color found in Labradorite.  Made with 108 6mm Labradorite gemstone beads and an additional 3 Red Jasper beads placed as markers too help keep count if used for meditation.  The beads are individually knotted by hand on nylon for strength and durability. The Labradorite beads have gorgeous blue flash and iridescence. Suspended in the center is a 12 mm natural Opalite Guru Bead and Tibetan "Om" brass bead inlaid with Lapis and Carnelian. A handmade royal blue silk tassel floats gracefully underneath. This gemstone Mala is designed to provide ease, intuition, strength and confidence during times of transition, while keeping one's mind, body and spirit in alignment. This striking Mala Necklace makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one!

  • 108 6mm natural Labradorite gemstone beads
  • (3) 6mm natural red Jasper gemstone beads framed with  brass accents
  • 12mm Faceted natural Opalite guru bead
  • Tibetan Inlaid brass "Om" bead
  • Handmade silk tassel
  • 30 inches long with 3.5inch tassel

~Labradorite is a powerful gemstone associated with the Crown, Third Eye and Throat Chakras. Labradorite is a protective stone making it a great companion during times of change. It is also thought to raise the consciousness of it's wearer and enhance intuition. It deflects negative energy, heals old wounds and calms the mind.

~Red Jasper is a ssociated with The Root Chakra, and is considered both grounding and energizing! This gemstone encourages strenghth and courage.

~Opalite is the gemstone of smooth transitions, it imparts a sense of self worth and is a phenomenal aid for making business a success! In meditation it opens the third eye increasing intuition, and creates a sense of peace and calm. Opalite attracts positive vibes and increases hope and inner strength.

~Om represents The Universe and all it encompasses. Some say it is the sound the The Universe made at The Big Bang. Om is all time, the past, present and future and everything beyond. When we chant Om, we align the mind, body and spirit, as well as ourselves with all those around us.

All of my pieces are designed and made by hand in my Studio!

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Care Instructions

To clean your mala beads, simply wipe them with a damp cloth.

Because your new mala is made with precious materials, we do not recommend wearing them during hot yoga, swimming, bathing or showering. We DO recommend placing your mala at the front of your mat during practice as well as using it for meditation. At Lulu Beads studio we believe in timeless jewelry paired with exceptional customer service! With regular wear your mala can become worn and we invite you to send us your mala for a complimentary restringing once a year. Shipping charges apply. Simply send us an email and we will provide instructions. Namaste, Lisa

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