About Us

Welcome to Lulu Beads Studio!

My jewelry journey began about as far back as I can remember.  On Christmas morning, when I was very young, my grandmother Irene gave one of those old/vintage jewelry boxes.  It was ballet slipper pink and probably the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen along with all the pink shiny beads inside!  I was hooked and it was the only thing I played with!  My love of art brought me to jewelry making in high school where I learned the simple joy of taking raw materials and turning them into wearable art and objects of beauty. I studied Art History in college and went on to trade school to learn jewelry making while working as an apprentice for a well known local designer in my hometown of Milwaukee. For the next 20+ years I worked as a professional goldsmith, designer, and salesperson earning my Graduate Gemologist degree in 2012 at The Gemological Institute of America, the World's foremost authority on diamonds and gemstones.

Through all of this, my yoga practice guided and grounded me.  It is this journey that inspired me to start Lulu Beads Studio, marrying my love of jewelry and gemstones with the spiritual practice of yoga.

Lulu Beads Studio was born in Scottsdale after a creative hiatus and multiple moves for my husband's career.  It was time to get back to my roots as a Jeweler. Mala beads, also known as Buddhist Prayer beads, had been in my heart for a while.  Each piece I create is designed and made by hand in my home studio. The beads are hand selected for their beauty and sourced from the many trusted vendors I have worked with over the years. Each Mala necklace is made of the finest materials and individually knotted by hand like fine pearls.  I think my experience as a Designer, Jeweler and Gemologist really is unique in Mala jewelry.  

When I'm not designing and making Jewelry, I enjoy spending time with My husband, four fur babies, friends and family... and of course, practicing yoga!

If you have an Idea for a custom piece, or a special meaning you'd like to convey with your Mala, I'd love to hear it! Just send me a message:)  Namaste, Lisa

Easy seat in desert garden wearing a mala necklace